Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the good news

Ibit has stopped writing since the day she received the rejection letter from the publisher she wanted to publish her writing with. I did my best to tell her that it happens to writers. Even to the famous author, and she was only just beginning. But it didn't work. So I just let her take a break. 

It was Unge and Momo who held a fun writing game, #15HariNgeblogFF (15 days blogging flash fiction). The rule was you had to write one flash fiction a day for 15 days on your blog, with the tittle that the hosts made. I thought it was fun and would be a good way to practice gaining ideas in limited topics and time. I asked Ibit if she would join it as I did, and she would. She was so enthusiastic, she didn't want to skip a day. Even when she was having examination at school, and when she had toothache, she still worked hard to write and submit before the daily deadline.

At the middle of the game, the hosts announced that chosen flash fictions would be published together in a book. This has hit Ibit to write better and harder. At the end of the game she asked me. 'do you think your story will be picked?'. I said I just hope so. There were over 100 participants and they all wrote great. Ibit thought she had some flash fictions good enough to be chosen and hoped she will be picked.

Yesterday evening I was watching time line on twitterland and found a news I shoud check. The contributors for Book 1, and taadaaaa....

I showed Ibit what I found. She smiled. She laughed. She cried. 
She was so happy.

Now she just needs to wait for the book to be published. She deserves it.
Thank you Unge and Momo for bringing Ibit's writing passion back :)


angie said...

How exciting!!!! I'm so happy for her and glad that she will be published after all! Bet you are one proud mama!

Are You Serious! said...

How wonderful!!! That's great!

Forgetfulone said...

Congratulations! That is terrific!

Latree said...

it is exciting, and great, and terrific.
they're still working with editing and bla bla. we're still waiting...