Friday, November 25, 2011

the pain of rejection

Ibit just received a rejection letter from a publisher where she sent her writing to couple months ago.

Before she opened the envelope, I told her to take it easy if they don't accept her writing. And she said she would be okay.

I've received many rejections from many medias. It hurt a lil bit but never made me stop writing.

Still I don't understand what Ibit's feeling inside right now. I caught her teary but she ran away. She left the letter squeezed and now lock her room from inside.

But I know she will be fine, soon. Or later. But she will. I know. I just know.


Ceritaeka said...

Semoga Ibit cepet pulih :)
In a way it is a way of learning to be able to accept things u don't want to ya mbak..

Are You Serious! said...

Oh dang! That's got to be tough!

Latree said...

oh she's fine now :)

she said she wanted to start writing again, but still didn't know what to write.

eka, bantu semangati lagi ya... :)

violetya said...

Hoo hoo...not as many as my rejection mba...semangat ya, ni baru mo mulai nulis lagi heheheh

Jaya Suwana said...

what a pity... I hope Ibit will be the great writer in future

ayu nastiti said...

keren. saya juga beberapa kali mendapat penolakan. pahit memang :'

jalan2 ke blog saya yuk


Linda Leenk said...

semangat Ibit,ayo mulai nulis lagi :)