Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Facebook and Honesty

ibu, please delete my facebook account
I don't think I want it any longer
I will not use it
it was created with a lie
by telling that I was thirteen...
and I felt my head was hit by a hammer

ibu, tolong hapus akun facebook-ku
aku ngga pengen lagi
aku ngga mau pakai
itu dibikinnya pakai bohong
masa dibilang umurku tigabelas...
kepalaku rasanya dipalu


Heather said...


Are You Serious! said...

♥ Oh man! But you know what she came to you about it and was honest! That says a lot!!!

forgetfulone said...

Gotta love the eventual honesty!

Alicia said...

Did your daughter open a FB account???

Stesha said...

Oh, my! Hope she didn't get in too much trouble:)

Hugs and Mocha,

Sweet Annabelle said...

Whoops! Good catch, mom!

latree said...

@heather: I imagine your expressions was just like mine that moment, a-ha!

@melissa&forgetfulone: you bet you are 100% right

@Alicia& Stesha:
her cousins have FB account. she thought it would be cool if she also has one and communicate with them via FB. couple weeks ago she asked me to create one for her. so I did, with a promise that she would only interact with people she really knows. she hasn't done nothing yet, and few days ago she decided not to play with FB until she reached the age limit required.

@sweet annabelle: yup, and it happens so often :D

angie said...

Oh no. The internet can be so insiduous.

Tiaras & Tantrums said...


Cascia said...

Oops! I hope you deleted it. Good for her to be honest with you.

Nana said...

hhhmmmm. I'm glad you caught unto it. Internet can be a dangerous place for kids.

Crazy Daisy said...

I'm sure it is a difficult balance. I know a lot of my friends that have children signed up for an account for themselves and allow their kids to use it to keep in touch with family.

Awal Sholeh said...

ya sob dipajang dan dipersembahnkan ke10 temen terbaik anda dan temen anda wajib memberikan ke temen 10 lainya dan jangan lupa diberi tahu kawan anda. seperti contoh di


artasastra.com said...

Bikin dewe..
Apa mommy yg bikin..
Kalo bikin pening..
Ya delete aja..
Tapi byk juga manfaatnya koq.. ;)

Jaya Suwana said...

So, i think Ibit is very honest, right? So, Ibit is one of the very honest people in this world. I think its very good!