Saturday, July 15, 2017

Happy Hiking to Curug Lawu

Yesterday we went hiking to Curug Lawu, a small waterfall at Mount Ungaran. 

The first half of the track is quite easy, unless you have an acrophobia. Because we have to step on narrow path (about 50 cm) between a deep trench and steep cliff.

There are teens small bridges along the way but this one is special because, this is actually a gutter of the trench.  As it has to bear the flowing water, only 15 persons allowed to step on it at the same time. No clue why they named this "Romantic Bridge".

The second half of the track is quite rough. But stones and wood has been used to built simple stairs to ease the path.

The whole track is about 2 km, and the count down sign begins at 700 m. Aik was so excited counting down.

It took about an hour walking up slowly along the river side with some stops taking pictures. And here we are under the curug. Visitors are not allowed to bathe or swim in the small lake below it. I believe it is because it is deep and dangerous.

Too beautiful to skip.

I knew they preferred to play online games than this hiking. but they finally enjoyed it though.

My hero. He walked all the way up!

Ibit was busy with her school project, but I hope we can come here again someday, with the whole family joining. 

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