Monday, December 22, 2014

Yoga Doesn't Care...

Being a newbie in yoga has made me curious about any-yoga-thing. Among those browse and surfing, I like IG-yoga because there are interactions between yogis/yoginis. I realize some are just a passing by through, but I know I can always find ones who really care and see how we all make progression.

I can see the difference between how yogis or yoga teachers from India and west express themselves. The first are more calm and slow, while the others are more expressive and fun. Both are interesting to me, that's why I follow them in parallel.

A question has come to my mind, why doing yoga has to be in certain wears define as yoga-wear. Then yoga related to what so called healthy diet and certain accessories. I can understand the yoga mat. But why there should be yoga legging, yoga pants, yoga bra, etc? I, myself, feel comfortable doing yoga in any sport wear, mostly fitness wear. I can even do it in any daily shorts and shirts. And I found wearing accessories during practicing yoga is an inconvenience...

I enjoy participating in any challenges on IG. I understand how challenges has become an advertising tools. Daily give-aways have made it more interesting. But that is not my main goal. I only like it because it motivates me to do more daily practice and learn new asanas. It's like being in a yoga class and grow together with the various students from around the world. For a while I was distracted, focused on likes I received in every post. Then an IG-yogi posted a picture with caption that she decided to quit doing challenges for feeling so. She chose to just be present and interact with 'real people' in class.

I wouldn't say ig-yogis aren't real people. You can find robots but let's just ignore those ones. I respect the decision to stop yogaing on Instagram. This has reminded me to my real goal learning yoga. I can still have fun, but not to forget that I'm doing it for health, fitness, and peace of mind. I forgive myself for having fun by doing challenges or just any #stopdropandyoga. I like to have many likes and thank anyone who double click my post. And I will gladly double click any post I like. But I won't do random double click around hashtags just to get double click back...

One of my favorite yogi is Abdul Khanan Khan from India. He is soooo humble and always shares meaningful posts. What he does is way a lot more than showing his capability. He wouldn't keep his account private if he does, would he? 

Today he is posting some quotes I really-really love about yoga. Yoga is to free your self, and never feel tied to any unimportant things. Because, as my teacher says, nothing's absolute.

This is what he said: 
Yoga doesn’t care what your hair looks like.
Yoga doesn’t care if you wear Lululemon or Spiritual Gangster.
Yoga doesn’t care if you are vegetarian, if you eat meat or know what Kombucha is.
Yoga doesn’t care when the last time you practiced was—yesterday, six months ago, never.
Yoga doesn’t care what kind of mat you have, brand new or eating away at itself.
Yoga doesn’t care what color your skin is or what gender you choose to love.
Yoga doesn’t care if you wear mala beads.
Yoga doesn’t care how much money you have or what car you drive.
Yoga doesn’t care if you fart during practice.
Yoga doesn’t care if you drink super food smoothies or coconut water.
Yoga doesn’t care if you can put your leg behind your head, or lick your own ass.
Yoga doesn’t care if you know what Ujjayi breath is.
Yoga doesn’t care if you have a man bun.
Yoga doesn’t care if you juice or cleanse.
Yoga doesn’t care if you complete a 30 day challenge.
Yoga doesn’t care if you shop at whole foods.
Yoga doesn’t care if you remember to shave your armpits.
#Yoga is just #happy you show up.
So I wouldn't care about my hair, my wear, my mat, my bracellet, my diet... I will just be happy practicing...


bebydebear said...

I begin to do yoga poses at everywhere, it's fun. Indeed, yoga doesnt need no boundaries.

Latree said...

Hahaha... nyasar ke sini juga XD

Joycelyn Cespedes Tross said...

👍 so true Latree! IG yoga has been more for me about pushing beyond my limits to see what I can achieve! I love it! It's definitely helped me overcome some fears and just have fun while I get fit! 😊💗🙏