Friday, December 5, 2014

Paper Snowflake Tutorial

I am always amazed with snow. May be because until now I can only see it thru pictures. Snowflakes are visualized so beautiful. Many artworks and craft based on this microscopic look of frozen water molecules, and they are all amazing.

I've tried to make a simple paper snow flake, that can be used as a decoration or as accessories in greeting cards. You just need to customize the size.

So this is how we do it. First, take a square paper.

Then fold it in two.

Then fold it back and forward in three, with the help of an arch to define 60 degrees.

Cut the edge.

Then draw a pattern.

Cut carefully. You might need to fold the middle part, depends on your pattern.

Open carefully, and taaadaaaa...!
We have a paper snow flake.

I've made a smaller size, that would be nice to be applied in cards. Try make yours and share how you do!

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