Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tell A Story

There is a video in my cell phone from our trip to Bali last year. It is a video of Aik playing with sand (and water) at Tanah Lot Beach.

Lately he liked to watch the video, and then pointed him self and say "Aik!" Then another word "Aih!" and he moved his hand up and down like playing something. It took a while before I understand he was trying to say "Aik main air (Aik playing water)"

In another time when he played the racing game Asphalt Heat 7 on Dan's iPad, he again shouted "Aik!" then moved his hand like rolling some thing. So I took a look at the iPad and he pointed at a ferris wheel on the track's back ground. Guess this time he was telling "Aik ride this." Or something like that. Yes he once rode a carrousel at a night festival. The carrousel stood next to a ferris wheel.

It's another achievement he's made, as he now comes to a phase of telling his experiences with his limited vocabulary. 

And more to come.


HM Zwan said...

main air yuk sama onty zwan.... :)

Fiu S said...

ih asik tuh maen bareng dstu ... :D