Wednesday, March 5, 2014

(broken) iLand

Ir built these buildings in a game on Facebook, iLand. this game provides materials of many kinds. wooden, glass, brick, stone. you stay in an island and you can build anything you want with the materials. it takes imaginations, spatial viewing ability, and tons of patience.

in this game you are connected with friends so. you can interact on a chat and visit each other. that's fun.

what's not fun is when a friend, you don't know which one, silently come and destroy your creations. yes that's what's happened to Ir's buildings. he opened up the game's home and found some parts were awfully broken. you can always fix them up. but, as material supplies change every months, you might get out of some kind of materials. so you just put on any materials that doesn't match the rest. it's not beautiful at all. he didn't let me take any picture of those broken parts.

'heartless....' he said, while 'walking' around searching and then fix the broken parts. he could not figure out who that possibly be. still he didn't seem to get mad though. he just kept calm and fixing patiently. and I keep wondering, why would any body want to destroy a friend's creation?

I sat next to him, watching. it seemed tiring (even more because it is not only your buildings that's been broken, but also your heart). and when he was finally done...

'oooh... I'm so tired. let's lay down and have some rest on my bed.."

well, that sounds fine and relaxing :)


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Uniek Kaswarganti said...

I don't "dhong" kindda game like this, mak. Maklum nguplek2 ama amplasan melulu hehehe... Jan2nya itu game apa to?

Ir hebat ya, bisa sabar gitu, klo aku mesti wes mencak2 :(

Latree said...

I don't dhong that much either Mbak. Yang aku lihat ya bikin bangunan gitu aja. Kalau pas online bareng teman-temannya main petak umpet. Kadang ngumpetnya sampai nggali terowongan...
Bagus-bagus bangunan yang dibikin anakk-anak itu. Ada yang bikin kapal buesar, lengkap dengan ruang-ruangnya di dalam kapal, plus kolam renang di dek... imajinatif. kayanya ini game buat para arsitek gitu haha...
Ir memang cenderung cool. Kalau marah seringnya nangis sendiri, ga bisa 'nyerang' orang yg bikin dia kecewa... Lek aku mesti ya wis mencak-mencak...