Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Vacation

This is one of my favorite time. When all members of family come together...

It was a quite long weekend. A trip to Anyer was a quite long one too. But it is worth it. We always love beaches. We could spend all day long bathing and swimming.

Oh but off course we didn't. I mean, not that all day long. I mean, the kids did. I mean, we, adults has more to think than riding banana boat or surfing. I couldn't just let my mother take care of Dek Aik while I was having fun in the waves. Me and sisters had to make sure every other things are well prepared. Other than just get drawn and choked in the water. The cottage, the clothes, the food, the energy. Yes we have to save a lot to be able to enjoy the whole long week end, in fun.

(almost) all the members of big fam 

play with the waves 

temporary tattoo would be cool enough during the holiday. make sure it is gone by the time you have to go to school :)) 

It was fun. It was a huge happiness to have such a family time. With parents, siblings, kids, in laws...

We're looking forward for the next one!

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Anggie...mamAthar said...

Paling suka emg kl liburan seluruh keluarga bisa ngumpul ya mb... love that moment too..