Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lebaran This Year...

...is pretty much like any other Lebarans last years.

Sholat Ied in the masjid. Shaking hand, forgiving each other. Visiting families here and there. Tired yet fun.

This year is a little less perfect, three siblings of mine spent the Lebaran holidays at their parents in law. Still it doesn't change the happiness of being together with parents and whoever we met.

Grannies that couldn't stop telling to (or not to) do this and that. Mouths that couldn't stop chewing. Little feet that couldn't stop running here and there. Kids yelling. Error stomachs. But those are all the things we miss to do annually, every Idul Fitri.

Happy Eid Mubarak.


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angie said...

So this is an annual gathering? How long does it last? Sounds like the company and food was delicious! :)

Latree said...

lebaran, or Idul Fitri is one of Islam's holidays. Moslem all over the world celebrate it after the end of fasting month, Ramadhan.

here in Indonesia, we have a unique tradition. every Lebaran, families come together. we visit friends, neighbors and families. and no matter where you live, you come 'home' to your parents. so it is like an annual family gathering. Idul Fitri is only one day, but we can celebrate it until days after.

yes, in Lebaran day, you can find lots of delicious food in every house :D