Sunday, July 29, 2012


I don't know why the desire to make cookies only comes  when it is about Idul Fitri. Or why these cookies like nastar, cheese castengels, snow white, and friends, become so popular around the time.

Kids has asked me to make some nastar since the first day Ramadhan. I said no need to hurry, Lebaran is a month away. But they said it's not for lebaran, but for now.

So yesterday, with their help I finally did one recipe. And I am still blushy to remember what they had to say...

Ar: Ibu, the nastar is sooooo... yummy
Ibit: this is too yummy I can't stop eating it
Ir: is it okay to make nastar in months other than Ramadhan? why do we only make it in ramadhan? can we make it again after lebaran?

Ouwh. Yeah. Let's make some, any other time...


Vicky Laurentina said...

It's been so long since the last time I taste one. Nastar is delicious when I taste one or two, but after the third or fourth, the cheese tastes monotonous. That's why I never provide many stocks of nastar at home.

Latree said...

basically Nastar is filled with pineapple jam. it taste sweet and a little sour. I used cheese only as garnish and doesn't provide taste much.
kaastengels is the one full of cheese.
I like them both, anyway.