Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Fun

I used to think, it is a crime to make children join many courses. Swimming, piano, English lessons. I thought it is children’s right to enjoy their life playing and have fun.

So I promised my self that when I had children, I would not push them too hard or make them do activities that might grab their cheerfulness. But then I found that it is their own desire to join many activities other than school. Ibit enjoys the piano lessons. Together with her brothers Ar and Ir, have fun during the swimming lessons. And now she’s joining Ar and Ir having another fun learning Tae Kwon Do. They choose the activities and we just stand behind them.

I thought it was so mean when parents bring their children to fight and win competitions. Coz it always takes time to prepare them selves before the competitions. It takes energy during the competitions. And it is always exhausting. But then I see that for some children joining a competition is fun, a part of their happiness in live. Ar and Ir may be not, but Ibit is one of them. She some times sighed about how tired she was practicing before a singing competition. But it’s all paid up when she wins. Yes I can see it from the big grin that always shows up in the end. Or even if she doesn’t win, she enjoys performing in front of the audience.

So as I understand this, I try to give what my children need, and want, and enjoy. They can take any course they like. They can go to any competition they want. Just as long as it is a positive, and they enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Keren!!!! Anakku ga mau :(

mummy yummy baby healthy said...

i thought its a crime too...but if the kids asked for themselves welllll - our duty is to get as much as money to support i think haha

Mia Utomo said...

awalnya, aku pikir juga getu..
tapi mereka malah yg minta.. dan mereka sejauh ini enjoy.. tugas kita mendampingi mereka..

Forgetfulone said...

I think it's wonderful! I think it only become a burden if the kids aren't having fun, and yours obviously are. I took tae kwon do with my son for a couple of years. I loved it. I competed in only 2 competitions and he only in one, but it was a great workout and a great stress reliever. My bones are too brittle to break boards now (in my opinion), so I had to stop. My friend broke her ankle doing that. Anyway, I didn't mean to write a book, but you brought back some good memories.

latree said...

I love hearing your story, D.
thanks :)