Thursday, September 23, 2010

a [late] Eid note

I forgot how long I've paused blogging. Not because I wanted to but more because I had to. I had crazy time during Ramadhan. Ar was sick. And then Eidl Fitri came. I went 'home' visited my parents and was not connected to internet for almost two weeks. The time I go back home, my computer was having an error. Now that it is fixed, I knew I've missed too much to write...

but at least I still have this to remind me about precious moment we had this Eid

there, me and Dan, and the children, and my parents.

it was so wonderful to have all my siblings, all with their families, come together. only a day and a night, but no words can describe the happiness we had.
my sister suddenly came as a surprise. we didn't expect her to come because her husband was sick and just had had a surgery. but there they were!

there, the kids and uncles playing futsal

there, the grandparents with all grand children

there, my parents with me and all my siblings

I hope we can still have the togetherness in the future...

HAPPY [late late late] EID MUBARAK


pinkparis said...

met lebaran. mbak. maaf lahir batin :)

hanifah said...

happy eid mubarak too mbak

juzztyas said...

mba la mirip ama ibu ya ternyata :)

me miss blogging too
those assignments are killing me XD

huge hugs from tilburg! :)

Forgetfulone said...

I knew you hadn't blogged in a while. I enjoyed your photos. Looks like you've had some wonderful times with your family.

Are You Serious! said...

Glad you're back!!! It looks like a fun time! except the part where Ar got sick!