Wednesday, August 25, 2010

baby and daddy

I always hope there is a strong tie between fathers and sons. as strong as the ties I have built between me and my children, years before I go back to working world. it is sad to find that we spend most of our time working then being with our family. but however, I keep trying to optimize the family time we have.

Dan works six days a week, from 08.00 am to whenever he needs to go home. no, it doesn't mean he can go home any time he wants. it means he can only go home when the work is done, and it can be anytime, late, over the working hours.

I, and my children, some times protest his in-existence. spending more time out there than being with family. he goes out every morning, at the same time my children go to school. he come home at night, often when my children are all already go to bed.

I have made some conditions to make Dan 'have to' interact with the children. for example, I used to give some money to my children every Monday. now I make Dan do it. some times he forgot and just goes to work like that. so my children ask me for the money. and I said, "that's Bapak's part. you ask him."

but with baby Ai', I can not do that. baby Ai' still don't know any thing about money :D

I still want my baby to interact with Dan. so some times I pushed Dan to sit down and put Ai' on his arms. not because I have to do something else, or because I'm tired carrying him. I just want him to be with his father.

well I hope it'll work. and as the baby grows up, I need to find more ways for us to keep connected each other...


mamAthar said...

Yups... emg harus ada'bonding' antara baby n daddy..

Are You Serious! said...

Sweet picture!