Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Celcius - Fahrenheit

Aku penasaran banget gimana caranya ngubah suhu dari Celcius ke Fahrenheit dan sebaliknya. Aku bisa aja nanya ke guru IPA, tapi aku nggak kenal.. Aku coba mengingat-ingat lagi titik didih dan titik beku air dalam dua suhu tersebut dan mencoba bikin persamaan sendiri. Ini hasilnya:
I was so curious about how to convert Celcius to Fahrenheit or the opposite. I could just asked a science teacher, but don't know one... I tried to remember again the freezing point and boiling point in both version and tried to arrange a formula to convert them. This is the results:

mudah-mudahan benar...
I hope it is right...

1. Titik beku air adalah 0 derajat Celcius, atau 32 derajat Fahrenheit
1. Water freezing point is 0 degree Celcius, or 32 degrees Fahrenheit
2. Titik didih air adalah 100 derajat Celcius atau 212 derajat Fahrenheit
2. Water boiling point is 100 degrees Celcius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit

Jadi untuk mengubah dari Celcius ke Fahrenheit:
So to convert Celcius to Fahrenheit:
T (c) = 5/9 * {T(f) - 32}

Dan untuk mengubah dari Fahrenheit ke Celcius:
And to convert Fahrenheit to Celcius:
T (f) = 9/5 * T (c) + 32

Di mana (where):
T (c) = temperature in Celcius
T (f) = temperature in Fahrenheit

Jadi kalau suhu di luar rumah Casey adalah 50 derajat Fahrenheit, berarti:
So, if the temperature outside Casey's house was 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it means:
T (c) = 5/9 * (50 - 32) = 10 derajat Celcius -- suhu di dalam kulkas!
---------------------------- 10 degrees Celcius. like in a refrigerator!

Dan suhu di luar rumahku adalah 30 derajat celcius, berarti:
And the temperature outside my house is 30 degree Celcius, which means:
T (f) = 9/5 * 30 + 32 = 86 derajat Fahrenheit.
---------------------------- 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jadi sekarang aku bisa membayangkan sehangat atau sedingin apa kalau orang bicara dalam Fahrenheit....
Now I can imagine how cold or how warm it is when people talk in Fahrenheit....


forgetfulone said...

Very interesting! Sometimes I just want to find something out myself.

angie said...

WOuldn't it be nice if we all used the same units of measure? We use pounds and ounces here for measuring weight, yet in the neonatal intensive care unit, they use grams, so I always had to convert.....likewise for celcius and fahrenheit when I was in Europe. My funnest challenge was converting a recipe from cups to liters, etc and the temp. from F to C.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ You're so good... I still couldn't figure it out with your formula. I used to be good with algebra & trig and not so much now that I haven't used it in YEARS!

I'm just going to email you if I need it figured out! :)

latree said...

mathematics is always used everyday, Melissa...
Or may be my formula is too complicated? I can't make it more simple.
You can email me anytime...
I still can't convert grams to pounds and ounces, no picture at all. I guess I'll buy a list of measurement convertion so I don't need to think hard... :)

pengetahuanku said...

i dont understand what u said in english because my english is not good enough.
But my english is the bestest in the world.
Bule people cant speak english like me, because my own is the bestest.