Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Ir showed me this and said, "Ibu, I made this"
Ir menunjukkan ini padaku dan berkata, "Ibu, aku bikin ini"

"Oh, what a beautiful flower..."
"O, bunganya bagus banget..."
"Ibu, it's not a flower..." (grim...)
"Ibu, ini bukan bunga" (cemberut...)
"Ooops, sorry. What is this then?"
"Ups, maaf. Kalau begitu ini apa?"
"It's a flying UFO"
"Ini piring terbang"
"Wow... a UFO... Cool"
"Wow, kereen..."

Then Ar came up and show me this. I didn't want to make the same mistake.
Lalu Ar datang dan menunjukkan ini. Aku gak mau bikin kesalahan yang sama.
This could be a robot, or an alien, I thought.
Ini bisa aja robot, atau alien, pikirku.
"What have you made, Ar?"
"Kamu bikin apa, Ar?"
"A plane"
"Looks it can fly so fast"
"Kelihatannya bisa terbang cepat"
"It can. It's faster than Ir's UFO"
"Bisa, lebih cepat dari piring terbangnya Ir"


Are You Serious! said...

How cute! Those are cool connector cirle things... My kids would have a blast with those too!

Lucy said...

so adorable! What are those made of?
*want to let you know I did the tag you sent me!
thanks! I had fun with it. :))

angie said...

A UFO, huh? So cute.

Shari said...

We bought some of these connector things from a Denny's restaurant 8 years ago. I wish that I had gotten more, because the kids loved them so much. Somehow, they have all disappeared.