Tuesday, April 21, 2015

IG Yoga Love

It's amazing what internet can do.

When I decided to join IG Yoga Community, all I wanted to do was to learn yoga from/together with people around the world in a fun way. It goes way more than I expected. Not only I 'meet' wonderful people who help me improving my yoga practice, we also build beautiful friendship.

I received this card from Kate (@dennis_and_thewilsons) around January, she lives in US. She promised to let me put my feet on her car window, if one day I visit her.

And this souvenirs are from Kak Yzma (@yzmaiz), she lives in Malaysia. We, and Less (@lessxes) will have a cartwheel race. The race could be here in Semarang. Or in Australia where Less lives, because I want to see small kangaroos called wallaby.

And last month I had a wonderful evening with this warm loving lady Sher (@sheryljou), she lives in Bali but we first met in Instagram. It was so exciting to be able to meet a new friend we knew 'in the cloud', on the ground...

And this beautiful bracellet I'm wearing is from Sonia (@lilsonia_1), she also lives in US. I and her, oh and Steve (@angwin_yoga) is preparing for a practice together there at her house, and a party with beers and soda after that. Steve is still swimming and I am sailing, on our way there.

Love knows no language nor origin. It speaks in a universal way.

Receiving those gift from friends across continent, I remember when I was started blogging around 2008, I made friends with people around the world. Not only we communicate through each's blog, we swap gift one another and it was wonderful. Some of them are still blogging now some are not. Most have moved to FB and there we're connected and share about daily things we used to share on our blogs.

It just feels the same. It's beautiful to share love with people we never met before, far away yet feels so close. And I want to thank you, all beautiful souls for befriending me. Meeting you is a bless. 

I have a dream to meet them all. Don't say it will remain a dream. We never know which dream will come true.


Beby said...

I will see you at anytime soon, Mbak..Keep inspiring :)

Kate W said...

I love this!!! I completely forgot that I said you could put your feet in my window! haha! I have met some fantastic people on Instagram, but you are the first real IG friend I made <3 I was so excited to be able to send you a handmade card and connect on a real level. I'm so grateful to have you as a friend! <3

Arian Sahidi said...

ah keren, ya, bisa ketemuan :)

Catatanpikiranrandom said...

Blogging memang memberi banyak keindahan ya Mbak. :D Bisa bertemu dengan banyak orang. Saya bisa kenal dengan Mbak lewat blog terus jadi kenal keasikan mbak Yoga. Eh ternyata anaknya banyak :P