Friday, June 13, 2014

in love with yoga

When I refused to join yoga few years ago, it wasn't because I doubt my endurance nor flexibility. It was more because I thought yoga with its slow movements was no fun. I chose aerobic exercises with its speed and beats.

One day I realized that I have lost much flexibility. I wanted to get it back, and that's why I decided to join yoga class few months ago. I know I wouldn't get all my flexibility back, but at least it will help my body which strarts become stiff.

Lately I found that yoga, in the slow motion, works well on my bones and muscles; and breath. No, yoga doesn't push you to di impossible poses. it adapts to each body. It helps you to get your natural abilities and condition.

Only in few months, I have got lost of benefits. Those slow movements worked well. I have become a little more flexible. More strength on my muscle. But the best part is, how it fixed my posture. I used to stand a little bent forward, now I stand straight as a homo sapien should. And I do a better breathing management while singing.

I believe that every exercise has their own specific benefits, but generally it helps us to live healthier. The most important thing is you gotta enjoy them. So I choose aerobic for cardio exercise and yoga for strength and flexibility. 

I'm in love with both.

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rahmi said...

akupun in love ma jogja mbaa, kangen deh pengen kesana lagii