Saturday, July 20, 2013


Idul Fitri is coming soon. Means we have to meet families and more people in silaturahim. Means I have gotta be ready for questions that might come about Dek Ai's speech delay.


So far, we assumed Dek Ai' is in the level of pointing things to communicate. He goes to the kitchen and points his bottle when he wants milk. Things like that. Like, he has to see things we're talking about to understand.

Last night we were going to bed. I was bothering him with some words.

"let's take a bath..."
"let's sleep..."
"let's go out and ride car"

He didn't say a word. He just woke up and held my hand to follow him.

"where's the key? get the car key..."

He ran to the table and seek the key, and got it.

"call Bapak, Bapak will drive us"

And he got back to the room and called. "mppaaak...! mpaaak...!"

And I was sure that he understands words better than people think he does.


My next goal is for him to say 'susu' (milk) if he wants some. So he doesn't need to drag me to the kitchen and point the bottle.

"wuh wuh!"




Are You Serious! said...

That's great!!! Feels good when things click and you know things are coming together. :) I'm glad you're seeing great progress. He's so cute!

Latree said...

yes it is. he might not do as fast as other kids of his age, but the progress is good for him this time.