Thursday, June 6, 2013

the accident

Photo: kucing jawa memang lincah dan tak bisa diam. kami tak tahu ke mana Cempluk main kemarin siang, sore hari dia pulang dalam keadaan luka parah dan tak mau dipegang. dokter hewan baru bisa menolongnya tengah malam, ketika dia sudah kehabisan darah dan koma. napasnya berhenti begitu kami sampai di rumah. and there was nothing we could do. bye, Cempluk.

Yesterday afternoon Cempluk, our little kitten, get home wounded. Her leg was broken and bleeding so badly. We tried to give her a help but she was like screaming every time we tried to touch her.We called the vet but he was out of town and might be home late.

At about nine the vet texted me, he just got home but so tired and sleepy. He couldn't see Cempluk then and promised to come in the morning. I tried to just accept that. But at about eleven before we should be going to bed, Ibit took a look at Cempluk and found the kitten didn't move at all. Ibit thought she was died. I saw her and find her still breathing. I immediately brought her to the vet's home and ask for some help.

He was shocked to see Cempluk's condition. He didn't think it was that bad. Oh it was, so bad. He said Cempluk must have been hit by a car. We couldn't figure out who's car that could be. Coz' ours didn't get out the carport the whole day.

The vet started to suture the wound, while observing Cempluk. He said Cempluk was already in a comma for losing too much blood and bearing too much pain, she didn't respond the light that was directed to her eyes. 

So after it was done, we brought Cempluk home. And right when we got home and I brought the basket out of the car, we found that Cempluk was no longer breathing.

We did what we could. Wasn't the best I know. We should've tried to find other vet to help her as soon as possible. I do hope this would never happen again.

Good bye, Cempluk.


sari widiarti said...

pray for cempluk..
jadi gak bener tuh, kucing punya nyawa sembilan.. :'(

Helda said...

Cempluk sudah berada di tempat yang lebih baik :)

Evi Sri Rezeki said...

Hiksss aku sedih bacanyaaa hiksss