Monday, April 29, 2013

Niki and the suspense.

This morning began with a suspense. the boys were looking for Niki. We haven't seen her since yesterday evening. The last time she was seen by Ibit at around 4 pm. Hurt, lying near the fence.

Nanny said Niki's leg might have been crushed when Dan unpark the car out of the carport. I was opening the block gate. The kids we're at their friends' house. So there was no one who made sure no cat were lying under the car.

As the car went out, Nanny heard Niki crying out. She got out the house to check out and found Niki's leg was hurt.

No body told me about this until this morning. So I was kinda panic. We tried to seek Niki but couldn't find it. I went to office with so not abysmally feeling. I thinj I cried a little bit thinkin of Niki.

This afternoon Ir texted me saying Niki was found. One of his leg was lame and at seem hurts. I told him to just let her have some rest, give her some milk and food for her to soon be healed. Hopefully.


Parking and unparking has been a traumatic moment. Two kitten has been killed accidentally. Now Niki get her leg hurt.

Think we have to be more careful after this.


Bella Citra Dinasti said...

aaaaak.. kucingnya berasa laki-laki sok gagah *ehh* :)

Evi Sri Rezeki said...

Suka kucingnya. Saya cuma punya satu :)