Friday, July 1, 2011

the hours

We got here at 08.30 AM. Waiting for the library to open. At nine Ibit left.
I stayed having hot tea. Conversations. Smokes. Guitar. Violin. Friends. Songs.

At 11.30 I texted her, asking if she was done with the books. No replies. I called. The phone was off. I got panic. Horrible thoughts run through my head. What if... What if...

So I run to the library. Straight up to second floor where she usually sits. She's not there. Like my heart stopped beating. I checked the visitor book. Her name in the first number.

Slowly I went down and found her in the child books room reading comics.

"What's happened with your phone?"
"I turned it off. I didn't want to make any noise that might bother people..."
"Couldn't you just set it vibrate?"
"Ah... I should have..."
"Are you finish?"
"Uhm... One more hour?"

I gave her one more hour. I gave my self another cup of tea, and another waiting...

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Forgetfulone said...

I would panic, too. Glad everything was okay. And she is a thoughtful girl.

BunSal said...

aku paling gregetan dg situasi bgini...

arep tantrum, batal mergo alesane mang bener...:P

Anggie...mamAthar said...

Ternyata mb Ibit bisa bikin panik mamanya juga ya... :) Tuy anak mandiri banget.. Kyk tantenya :)