Friday, December 10, 2010

the artist

did I say I didn't want my children to be artists?

look at my girl.
for the last five or six months she's been practicing rebana with her groups. once a week to get prepared for a competition in the district. now as they succeeded and took #1 place, they have to prepare for the province level.

as a part of the preparation, last night they perform at the book fair. 
imagine how hard the day the kids went thru, 
went to school (and have exam) at 07.00AM. got home at 12.00PM. back to school to practice at 03.00PM. stayed at school and off to the fair at 07.00 PM. then performed 8 songs until 09.00 PM.

she got home at 10.00PM, dying.
this morning she woke up late, having headache and whining, 'I haven't read a sentence for the exam today...'

not only that. she will be performing tonight, playing piano and sing.
well I guess she has to learn to manage herself....

I didn't want my children to be artist. but what if they do?

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Are You Serious! said...

My kids don't do well without a good night sleep either. If she loves it though??? :)