Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pray for Indonesia

pray for victims of tsunami in Mentawai
pray for the victims of Mount Merapi's eruptions

I am so speechless.
this makes me cry.
I wish there's some thing I can do more than just to share a little amount of money I have. 

do you think it is okay if I go being a volunteer and leave my children with the nanny at home? 


Ibunya Pasha said...

latree ... msh inget daku?? mboke Pasha niii .. yg sempet ngilang tahunan ... hahahaha ... ilang kunci omah kecilku, dadi sempet ditinggal nih. piye kabare? ditinggal bentar wis nambah meneh to??? heubaaad!!!

Forgetfulone said...

Will pray.