Thursday, April 15, 2021


Ramadhan is coming and we have to believe that Covid-19 is still around. Mosque are allowed to hold prayers with strict protocols but you know often people are who are being careless and ignorant. I  mean everywhere, in any possibly crowded places.
Public places (except schools) are open now anyway. With the protocol. We have started to go out with awareness. To malls, restos, tour destinations, with under control visitors. But we turn around and find other places when we see too much crowd.
We have visited our parents, met our siblings and went out together like we used to do in the past years in holidays. We have skipped a year though.
I know some people choose to keep staying at home until the pandemic is totally over. Shop everything online, limit doing anything outside. I appreciate every decision. Every tolerance. I see around people are much more aware nowadays. At least at some places that strict protocol is possible; there where we go. 

I think things will go as predicted, the virus will still be around until at least 2022. And until we can be sure things are safe, we will live in this pandemic habits.

It's been a whole year the kids learn at home. I partially work at home while Dan is still full at office.
Ibit just finished her hard internship in Surabaya (hard because it is in pandemic and the work is also hard). All her activities with college and The Faculty Choir has been done on the laptop and some times seems frustrating. Ar and Ir are in their last year of High School. The last few weeks has been so intense with study and course for test to enter University. I can sense their virtual graduation, but I hope that won't happen with Ibit's (insya allah) next year.

We shall past through this together.

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